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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Video Game Videos

To enjoy some expert arcade playing, you can search YouTube for [computer system speed run]. For example, searching for amiga speed run (or speedrun/ fast run) retrieves videos from Marble Madness, Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizard, Zak McKracken, or Great Gianna Sisters. Even if you played these games before you might discover new levels...

Also see the “best of Amiga” videos part I [WMV] and part II [WMV].

Wheel of Fortune Generator

Feel free to create tougher puzzles than I did above!

[Thanks Pokemo in the forum!]

Future News

News of presents fictional news reports from the decades ahead. You’ll see headlines like “Millionth Gay Marriage in the US” (January 24, 2025) or “Antarctic Ozone Layer Soon to be Restored” (January 31, 2050). There’s also a piece on TalkTalk, a search engine of the future. [Thanks Pontus!]

Haiku News

Google developer Kevin Fox released a new site that presents news in haiku form – daily. Here’s the one from yesterday:

astronaut killer?
envy drives attack on peer
Houston has problem

(An idea for a different challenge: present daily news in bar joke format.)

[Thanks Kevin!]


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