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Thursday, February 15, 2007

About That "Googe" Logo

Yesterday, Google’s Valentine’s logo confused some people. This mail reached me today, I’m forwarding:

Dear Person[or Persons] Responsible for Creating Festive Google Logos for Holidays and/or Special Occasions,

I noticed that your logo is incorrect and it has been causing me discomfort all day. Please explain to me if I am wrong. I cannot function properly knowing that there is no L visible. Someone tried to calm me down by explaining that the stem of the strawberry could represent the L, but I strongly disagree. That stem is just a part of the letter G. Please send me and my four roommates free Google t-shirts[3 size adult smalls and 2 size adult mediums] with the proper Google logo to save our sanity. We have all suffered greatly today[February 14, 2007].

Lisa Vu

[Adress available on request]
Davis, CA 95118

P.S. I Google everyone I meet to make sure the things they say about themselves are really true. and I recycle :)

(I need to move to California – if that’s what’s upsetting people it must be paradise!)


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