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Thursday, February 15, 2007

EFF Asks: Were You Caught in Viacom Takedown?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation posted a video asking you to contact them at if you received a notification in February 2007 telling you that YouTube had removed your content at the request of Viacom, and you believe that this removal was unfair (either because your video was fair use – usage for parody, comment, criticism or news reporting – or because it was non-Viacom content). The EFF protects netizen’s rights since 1990 and accepts your donations.

[Via Search Engine Land.]

Silicon Valley Network Visualizations visualizes networks of Silicon Valley groups or people, like their investment relationships (based on the data available at A sample map shows the relations of Google employees to outside companies, e.g. Eric Schmidt is connected to both Google and Apple. [Thanks Brad!]

Google Author Videos

Authors@Google is a series of talks by authors available on Google Video. You can find all of them by searching for [type:google “authors@google”]. Currently available talks include authors such as:

[Via Google’s Blogs -> Google Librarian Central.]

Google Maps Marriage Proposal

Look closely to read what’s written on the white roof.*
[Thanks Eric!]

*"Becky! Will u marry me? Chris”

Sergey Brin Portrayed

Mark Malseed, co-author of The Google Story, takes an in-depth look at Google co-founder Sergey Brin and his family, mother Eugenia (NASA research scientist), father Michael (mathematics professor), and brother Sam. Here’s what Mark saw when he entered Sergey’s spacious Googleplex office 211, shared with Larry Page:

Stepping through the sliding glass door into their office is like walking into a playroom for tech-savvy adults. A row of sleek flat-screen monitors lining one wall displays critical information: email, calendars, documents and, naturally, the Google search engine. Assorted green plants and an air purifier keep the oxygen flowing, while medicine balls provide appropriately kinetic seating. Upstairs, a private mezzanine with Astroturf carpeting and an electric massage chair afford Sergey and Larry a comfortable perch from which to entertain visitors and survey the carnival of innovation going on below.

Mark also traces the roots of Sergey in Russia. “My rebelliousness, I think, came out of being born in Moscow,” Sergey reflects. His family were faced with anti-Semitism, and Sergey didn’t feel quite like home as kid (asked if he still feels anti-Semitism today, Sergey replies that “[t]he Wikipedia page about me will be subtly edited in an anti-Semitic way”). His family migrated to the US in 1979, when Sergey was 6. When Michael Brin took 17-year old Sergey back to Russia for a trip, Sergey’s impulse on confronting Soviet oppression had been “to throw pebbles at a police car” (the parents were able to deal with the police officers inside, who were “quite upset” at the matter).

[Thanks Mark!]


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