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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Google Image Results Redesign Undone (Poll)

The old design above is back

The Google Image search results recently went live with a redesign which was hiding most image information, and only show it when you hover the mouse over the image. Google seems to have reverted this design step, and is now showing the old results layout... at least that’s how I can see it, as does Don Danz, who alerts us to this.

Not sure if this is a conscious undoing or a bug – usually Google tests something with a prototype for a small percentage of users, and then either permanently forgets about the prototype, or permanently puts it live. Was Google swamped with complaints, or did some Googleplex big boss decide the new design sucks? Personally I prefer the old (currently active) design over the new, though I think Google might as well have gotten rid of some of the info they display (like the file size in kilobytes). The new design also had some potential “fair use” issues because the thumbnail source was not designated until you hovered over it... besides, I believe showing the domain name is very crucial information to quickly navigate a search result.


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