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Monday, February 26, 2007

Teach Kids Long-term Computer Skills

Jakob Nielsen says schools should provide computer knowledge that goes beyond today’s software specifics; that instead of telling kids how to format an Excel table, they ought to be taught basic search strategies, tactics to evaluate information credibility, basics of usability, how to write hypertext, how to fight information overload, how to do computer-supported presentations and so on. This way, the skills won’t be outdated by the time of graduation. Jakob also says that everyone ought to be taught debugging, but disclaims that not everyone ought to be turned into a programmer. I beg to differ: while not everyone ought to be turned into a programmer, I think programming should be a “normal” lesson subject for kids just like drawing, biology, sports, math, philosophy and what-not (up until 5th grade or so, when kids can go ahead and choose their own life-related projects to apply and evolve what they learned, teacher-supervised... but that’s a different story).

Web Applicaton Threats

The Honeynet group set up a honeypot – a web site trying to lure malicious hackers into it to expose their strategies – and describes the different strategies they saw accumulate. Covered in their web application threats whitepaper are:

[Thanks Ryan McGeehan!]


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