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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Google Rebang to be Chinese Zeitgeist?
By Tony Ruscoe

Remember the /rebang directory that was spotted in Google’s robots.txt file yesterday? Ken Wang from GSeeker (a Chinese blog) noticed it was briefly live and showed signs that it is probably going to be a Chinese version of the Google Zeitgeist.

Haochi posts more over at the Googlified blog, suggesting that “ReBang” can be translated from Chinese as “Hot Ranking” – adding that this is “not a good translation, but you get the idea.”

The address is currently redirecting me to, although all I get is a “Not Found” 404 error.

[Thanks Ken Wong, xujie, KEViN恺, Philipp ;-) and Haochi! Screenshot by Gseeker with a Creative Commons license.]


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