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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Google Notebook Integrates with Google Docs
By Tony Ruscoe

TonyB makes some observations about Google Notebook in the forum:

1. [Google Notebook]’s much faster for me now. I had quit using it mostly because it was so slow. It is very usable now.

2. The Actions drop down has a new option- Export to Google Docs and Spreadsheets. It apparently will only send your entire selected Notebook. I tried just selecting individual entries and Sections, but get the entire Notebook each time. Graphics, layout and everything appears to have moved over just fine.

I think it’s interesting to see Google products integrate with each other like this. But is Google running the risk of making it unclear where you’re supposed to create content in the first place? Should you be creating content in Google Notebook, Blogger, Gmail, Google Page Creator or Google Docs? Or do they all have their own unique purpose? Do you think it would it be possible for Google to successfully merge these products, offering them as separate features rather than individual services?

(And has anyone else noticed these speed improvements? Do you think Google has actually improved the performance or have people just stopped using Google Notebook?)

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[Thanks TonyB!]


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