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Friday, March 2, 2007

Google Gadgets Page Views

Google recently added page views statistics when you check individual gadgets from the “Google Gadgets for Your Webpage” directory (Gadgets, the former modules, can be included in 3 different places right now: your Google homepage, your PC – running on top of Google Desktop –, and other webpages, like blogs... it’s confusing though that Google didn’t consolidate this into a single directory yet). Google says “These numbers are approximations, representing the number of times each gadget is rendered across all places Google Gadgets can be viewed.”

Here are some fo the weekly page views for the most popular gadgets, according to Google:

Some of these numbers look quite impressing (Maukie, a cat that follows your mouse pointer, attracts over 240,000 page views!), though remember that gadget numbers tend to be inflated – a gadget loads with every page view, often included in the navigation of the page in question, or somewhere on the Google personalized homepage, and the view will count independent of whether or not the user even as much as looks at the gadget.

[Via Adam Sah.]


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