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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Google Desktop 5 Released

Google Desktop is now available in version 5. Google redesigned some of the look and feel of the application, increased the security – there were some recent problems – and added previews to Desktop search results.

Google Desktop’s old features are still intact:

Personally I prefer an uncluttered desktop and don’t need gadgets, but Google Desktop search part is still great if you store a lot on your computer, and the new preview function is an improvement for at least some file types.

The new preview plusbox. Useful for files like PDF, not too useful for web pages...

The dialog for adding gadgets. Google gadgets (former “modules”) come in 3 flavors, and some gadgets support all of them: desktop gadgets, personalized homepage gadgets, and webpage gadgets.

[Via the official Google Desktop blog.]


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