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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Submitting Links to the Non-English Web?

I’d love to know where one can submit “fun” links for the non-English language web (I’ve just added translations to a site of mine). If you have a new non-English web site, you can submit it to sites like Boing Boing, Digg, Fark, CollegeHumor, MetaFilter, and if they like it they link to it. But where do you submit something for... China? Japan? Russia? Italy? Spain? Brazil? India? Of course, many e.g. Japanese surely read along Boing Boing, but the language barrier still exists to some degree. (Besides, it doesn’t make much sense to send a news tip like “Site x is now also available in Japanese” to e.g. Boing Boing, because Boing Boing has a global audience, and your site may have already been available in English for a long time... however, this may be relevant news for a Japanese board.)

If you have tips for your non-English speaking country, please comment with links, and hopefully this benefits others with the same goal.

I’ll start with Germany: In Germany, you can submit your tips to the popular Spreeblick blog, the Schockwellenreiter blog, or the “fun links” video show Ehrensenf.


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