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Monday, March 12, 2007

Using Translations With Image Search

Sometimes it’s helpful to translate a word in Google into other languages you don’t speak, and then search Google Images for it. This way, you may find new images. While the pages the images are embedded in are in languages you don’t understand, you can still click through to the image. For example, I’m often looking for material on Google. If I want to translate the word “Google” into Chinese, Google returns “谷歌”, and I can now see images I may not have seen before (and in a new context of a different culture).

Searching Google Images for translated words is also helpful if you want to get some verification that Google Translator translated a word right. I just needed the translation for the word “Chess” into Chinese. Google translation provides me with “象棋”, but searching Google Images for this term, I find pictures that don’t look like traditional chess. Now I have an indicator that this may not be the optimal translation (I later find out that “国际象棋” may be better, and another Google Image search verifies this).


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