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Monday, March 12, 2007

Kevin Rose on Digg Moderation Again

Digg’s Kevin Rose was interviewed for the latest issue of Search Marketing Standard (an interesting magazine, by the way), and the topic touched on the subject of moderation again. Quote Kevin:

Digg does not use any moderators other than the 700,000 registered users that participate in Digg. That is the value of the Digg system. We have two people on staff that ensure that the Digg Terms of Use are not violated.

Kevin then goes on to say that they once had a system in place where Digg announcements could be instantly boosted to the homepage, a system they say they now replaced with a header notification. Kevin goes on to argue that “[t]he bloggers reporting on this were new to Digg and didn’t understand how the site worked in the past.”

So, let’s repeat Kevin’s latest bit for clarity, with emphasis:

Digg does not use any moderators

... and contrast it to comments Kevin previously made at Digg:

It was submitted by a moderator.

... and:

And yes, we have site moderators that ban spammers, remove illegal content, and keep an eye on things. Always have, always will.

Conclusion: Yes, Digg has moderators (and there’s nothing wrong with that). No, Digg is still ashamed to call them that. But yes, they sometimes do call them that, completely contradicting their own statements. But I guess everyone who points that out is just a blogger who’s new to Digg and doesn’t understand how the site works...


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