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Monday, March 12, 2007

Overall Number of Picasa Photos

Are these numbers accurate? When you search Google’s Picasa Web Albums for photos, you’ll get e.g.*:

Over 540 million photos (if that’s what Google means with “items”)? That’s quite a bit. In comparison, a search for [the] on Flickr returns ~26 million photos. Something like [test] on the other hand returns much less at Picasa, at 6,859 items. Is it possible the numbers are inflated because Picasa is integrated as storage service for other Google services, like as of recently, Blogger?

Plain “or” searches don’t seem to be supported, by the way: [the OR it OR 1] returns “only” ~330 million items.

In other Picasa news, I recently saw this interesting comment by Keith B. at the Google Operating System blog:

... IMO [Picasa] just doesn’t seem to encourage social interaction or browsing through networks of friends, groups, tags, etc. Like a lot of Google products, it just comes across as rather cold and clinical. Functional? Absolutely – just like most Google products. But fun or personable (which is more important for things like photos and video v/s maps and email)?? I guess that’s a matter of opinion, but I just don’t get that vibe from it yet.

*Note you need to be logged in to see the new Picasa search results – it’s unfortunate Google decided to have this barrier.

[Thanks Easton Ellsworth!]


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