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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Google Phone Rumors

The “Google Phone” is a totally unverified but interesting rumor. Someone at a mobile phone forum claims he was exposed to information on a potential Google Phone via a paid-survey website. Garett Rogers has a copy of the screenshot and some of the specs this user saw. Garett quotes from the design specs which were visible on the screenshot:

The Google Phone brings the power of the internet in your pocket, in a simple and intuitive device. It combines the traditional voice and SMS capabilities of phones with all the exciting Google services from the PC such as Search, Gmail, Maps, Blogger...

The Google Phone, designed by Samsung, is a very thing (sic) and stylish handset with a large screen and a QWERTY keypad so that it provides a real internet experience.

Already, you can use a variety of Google services on the phone (and Google partners with Apple for the iPhone), but often they’re a pain to use or install due to the great incompatibility of current mobile phone software.

[Thanks David Hetfield!]


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