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Thursday, March 15, 2007

German Google Webmaster Central Blog

Oh, I like this – Germany has a new official Google Webmaster blog, and they’re pulling off a hidden keyword blackhat SEO hack right in the first line, which reads (quote from Google’s source):

Willkommen zur Premiere des deutschsprachigen Blogs der Google <span style="font-size:0;">Webmaster-Zentrale</span>

Update: They changed their post, though some “hidden keywords” remain. Just look for “font-size:0;”...

Update 2: Google say they fixed the text. After reading some comments here, I realized the irony of my post might have been lost, in particular if you don’t speak German: not only was this on the official Google webmaster blog which would never use blackhat SEO tactics (for obvious reasons), also, the complete post by Google was rendering grammatically incorrect because it was missing random words inbetween the text flow (those that were written with a zero-sized font). Especially if you understand German, there wasn’t the slightest doubt that this was not an intentional “blackhat hack,” it was just a complete (ironic) coincidence.


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