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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Register for Google AdSense Referrals

Google AdSense is slowly starting to roll out their Referrals program for more products than just their own (e.g. their own Google toolbar). As opposed to the usual pay-per-click Google ads, these AdSense ads will be pay-per-action: like with other affiliate programs, you’ll be able to make money only when a sale – or some other kind of action, like a sign-up – is made from your website’s referral. You can now sign up to be part of the Beta program. (The sign-up form contains a couple of errors, but you’ll get through it.)

Google says “The non-Google referral advertisements in our Beta test come from a limited group of high-quality advertisers that are interested in displaying ads on a pay per action (PPA) basis,” adding that, “For the time being, the referrals beta test is currently available only to English-speaking publishers located in the United States. (...) please note that you will not receive payment for conversions that occur for users outside of the U.S. unless explicitly enabled by the advertiser.”

If anyone spots one of those (non-Google) affiliate AdSense in the wild – either the interface within AdSense, or the ads showing on a website – screenshots are appreciated...

[Via the official AdSense blog. Thanks Keith Chan!]


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