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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Scary Terrorist Plot

Cory Doctorow points out a potentially devastating hypothetical terrorist plot:

Terrorists could infiltrate the world’s car companies and manufacture large, fuel-inefficient vehicles like Hummers. Once America has gone all SUV, the resulting carbon emissions would contribute to polar melting and global warming, causing devastating hurricanes through the southwest, killing and displacing millions of Americans.

Vote at the YouTube Video Awards

You can now vote at the YouTube Video awards 2006, the first contest of this kind at YouTube. The interface for voting is really neat; you’ll see the video thumbnails listed in different categories, and when you click on a thumbnail, the video expands to its larger size. If you like it, you can then hit the Digg-style “move up” button next to it (or hit “move down” if you dislike it).

The categories are kind of weird and overlapping though, e.g. there’s “most creative” and “most inspiritional” and “most adorable” (I have another category: best video that was removed due to a copyright infringement/ hate speech takedown notice). The voting will continue for 3 more days.

[Thanks Vanessa and Pd!]

Google Finance Tips

The Ask the Advisor blog posted 13 tips and hacks to become a “Google Finance power user.” [Thanks Jimmy!]


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