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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Display Top Queries for Your Google CSE

Google’s Custom Search Engine program now allows you to show off your engine’s popular search queries (this is aggregated data, so you need some popular queries to see this). Just login to your CSE control panel, hit the “statistics” link and scroll to the “popular queries” at the bottom – you’ll find some code to show off these stats on your homepage, Google says, though I don’t have a live-CSE yet to reproduce this. The popular queries feature itself is older, but the ability to pass on this data is (apparently) new.

If you’re using the older Google AdSense Site Search program, this is one more reason why you may want to switch to the CSE program. Not only will this allow you to show others your top queries – and have the useful “search web pages” option in results (it’s missing in AdSense Site Search) – but you can connect the CSE to your AdSense account as well to make money from searches. Also, as of lately, you’re not required to provide any keywords to a CSE, so you can do a straight site-search by including a single domain only with no other refinements.


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