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Monday, April 2, 2007

EMI/ Apple vs DRM

Ah, finally some common sense in the copyright discussion from one of the “goliaths.” Quote from an EMI Music news bit which discusses a move away from the customer-pestering curse that goes by the euphemism “Digital Rights Management” (my emphasis):

EMI Group CEO Eric Nicoli today hosted a press conference at EMI’s headquarters in London where he announced that EMI Music is launching DRM-free superior quality downloads across its entire digital repertoire and that Apple’s iTunes Store will be the first online music store to sell EMI’s new downloads. Nicoli was joined by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. (...)

Nicoli added: “Protecting the intellectual property of EMI and our artists is as important as ever, and we will continue to work to fight piracy in all its forms and to educate consumers. We believe that fans will be excited by the flexibility that DRM-free formats provide, and will see this as an incentive to purchase more of our artists’ music.”

Here’s the caveat:

EMI Music will continue to employ DRM as appropriate to enable innovative digital models such as subscription services (where users pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to music), super-distribution (allowing fans to share music with their friends) and time-limited downloads (such as those offered by ad-supported services).

How does one want to ensure I don’t “share with friends” if there’s no DRM attached to the downloads?

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