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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Google TV Ads Trial

Google has announced they’re starting a TV advertisement trial building on their AdSense/ AdWords principles:

Users spend a lot of time watching TV so improving the relevance of advertising information on that medium is important. (...) Working closely with our partners, EchoStar and Astound Cable, we are currently running a trial to deliver better ads to viewers and help advertisers, operators and programmers more efficiently buy, schedule, deliver and measure ads on television.

Google adds that they’ll be able to utilize set-top-box technology to make it possible to report how many times an ad was viewed “and whether it was watched through to the end.” They promise:

As part of this trial, we will be working with partners to use aggregate, anonymized set-top-box metrics to deliver timely and accurate viewing reports.

Can they really measure how often ad is viewed... or is it merely a measurement of how often the ad is displayed? Often, people have their TV’s running in the background without actually looking at them.

[Thanks Reto Meier!


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