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Friday, April 6, 2007

Did Google acquire This super-short domain redirects to now (and if your browser language hasn’t been set to Chinese, it will then redirect to The China Search Engine View blog writes:

[W]hen you search the whois here, you may find there is one item more, “Registrant Organization: 北京刘元和君咨询有限公司” (Jan Liu & Associates), the attorney for Google’s case of and Has Google really got

In other news, the China Search Engine View blog reports that these days, Chinese users entering will be automatically redirected to the (censored) version. This is consistent with behavior in other countries (like Germany, where you’re redirected from to the first time), and at the bottom of the page I’m seeing the link “ in English”.

[Thanks Cloudream!]

World of Warcraft Map presents a neat-looking, Google Maps API-based map of World of Warcraft (the most popular online game, at least if judged by all the product-related spam this blog’s forum filters!).
[Via Google Code blog.]


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