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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Google Answers Down

Google Answers has been down for the whole day today (not the complete site, but lots of it, including the archives & frontpage). The frontpage displays a simple...

Error 403

... right now. Some people are concerned this is more than just a temporary glitch, and perhaps a conscious decision by Google to turn off the extensive and often helpful Google Answers archives (Google Answers has been stopped since November last year, but the archive remained searchable so far). I’ll update this post if Google gets back to me with anything, but until then I think we have reason to believe it might just be a temporary glitch...

[Hat tip to Scott and Waxy!]

Update: Google tells me, “This is an error. We are not taking down the archive and are currently working to fix the problem.” Aaand... it’s back now.

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