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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fading Out Nofollows?

Not sure if many blog and wiki platforms offer this feature already, but it’s implemented on this blog since some time and I’m really happy about it: fading out nofollows. This means that a link that is posted in the comments will be nofollowed, but if the link is not removed by a moderator after a couple of days, the nofollow will be automatically removed from the link. Why should outgoing links in comments (or wiki pages, for that matter) be considered less valuable than links from blog posts? Besides, spam ought to be removed in any case, nofollow or not – it doesn’t help anyone if a blog or a wiki is indefinitely littered with hundreds of spam links (and nofollow certainly didn’t get rid of all link spam, so the maintenance job remains a necessity).

Wouldn’t it be neat if popular blog and wiki platforms offer the “fading out” feature as default setting, as it seems to be a good compromise between using no nofollow at all, and nofollowing every user-created link?


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