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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

FAQ Search Engine

QueryCat is a new search engine looking through Frequently Asked Questions pages only. As opposed to a typical Google result, QueryCat will include the answer to the question right in the result snippet (if available). However, I’m not fully convinced: for example, when I ask QueryCat “how can i create a favicon?”, the instant answer is “It’s free and it’s easy - just click here to create one now. For free image-editing software, please click here,” redirecting me to a Million Dollar Homepage spin off. The same query on Google, on the other hand, results in a page titled “Mysteries Of The Favicon.ico – How To Create A Favicon In Photoshop” which looks like a relevant, good tutorial. (Of course, this is just a single random query and other queries may work better.)
On a related note, I wonder if it would be feasible for Google to include FAQ’s in their Q&A onebox, in case they don’t do this already...

[Thanks Kevin C.!]


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