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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Google Owns SEO Company

Loren Baker of Search Engine Journal points out the saucy little fact that Google now owns one of the biggest SEO companies in the world... because they acquired DoubleClick (more precisely, they are in the process of going through with the acquisition and integration this year), who owns SEO company Performics. Honi soit qui mal y pense, as the saying goes.

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Google-powered Timesheets

Reto Meier created a Windows timesheet application (an application that lets you keep track of time spent on your office tasks) which works together with Google Calendar and Spreadsheets. “Throughout your day just add a new entry whenever you switch projects,” Reto’s Google Groups-based homepage explains, adding that the Timesheeting app “[g]oes through your employee calendars and sums the time spent on each project by each employee, then automagically fills in your timesheets.”

Reto explains how he created this application: “It’s written entirely in C# .NET 1.1, making generous use of Google’s Gdata APIs. In particular I’m using the Google Calendar and Spreadsheets .NET client libraries to record activities to a calendar and then read them back and update the timesheet spreadsheets.”

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Campaign to Get on YouTube Frontpage

Tehee. Remember Aaron Stanton, the guy who created the campaign to get a meeting with Google guys? It looks like he inspired followers. 10 Zen Monkeys writes:

Last week YouTube got a visit from a 19-year-old New Yorker who wanted his video on their front page. Brandon Fletcher says he tried emailing YouTube, but when that failed, he bought an airplane ticket to Silicon Valley. “If you believe in something – do whatever it takes to make your dream come to reality,” Brandon announced grandiosely on his MySpace page. But he’s also keeping a video blog of the journey – which of course puts additional pressure on YouTube.

You might have guessed his domain by now:

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