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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Google Prototype With Navigation at Top Left

Amrit stumbled upon a new kind of Google results design prototype (as far I know it’s not the first time this one has been spotted). The navigation – web, images, video etc., plus an expandable “more” – is at the top left. There are some smoother shades throughout the page, as well as a stronger focus on related searches (e.g. for the query 90210, Google suggests queries like 90210 cast or melrose place above the other results, not just below).

As this overhaul is made up of not a single changed element, but a couple of them, I wonder if there’s any relation to the “Google Beta” rumors? Last month, Ionut of the Google OS blog posted about this bit in the Google translation queue:

Phrase in English: You’re invited to try an experimental version of GOOGLE search. BEGIN_LINK Get Started END_LINK
Phrase in Romanian: -
Translation Help: This is the promo for Google beta.

Not to say that this makes much sense, either: after all, Google came out of Beta years ago...

[Thanks Amrit N.! Image by Amrit.]


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