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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Google Life Search China?

Ionut spotted a new potential Google search service via the translation interface... “Life Search” (for only). Wonder what this will be (and whether it’s related to Niniane Wang’s project)?

Speed Up Removal of Google Content

Google as part of their Webmaster Tools now offers several new ways to speed up the removal of your pages in Google (or the Google cache of your pages). Vanessa Fox explains that Google will remove your content from their index automatically if you e.g. send a page-not-found 404 header, “[b]ut if you’d like to expedite the removal rather than wait for the next crawl, the way to do that has just gotten easier.”

There’s also a new way to contact Google about removal of other people’s content. The form in question reads (their emphasis):

I’ve been unable to work with the site owner, but the information appearing in the search results is one of the following:

* My social security or government ID number
* My bank account or credit card number
* An image of my signature
* Explicit content which violates Google’s guidelines and contains my personal information.

[Thanks Colin C.!]

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Google Calendar and Corporate Data

Computer World reports how sensitive corporate information is making its way to the outside world via Google Calendar, because some users accidentally chose the wrong settings (making an event public instead of private). Someone who claims to be a Google product manager jumps in at the comments, saying that this is why the hosted version of Google Apps has been developed. Then again, if I buy a hammer and hit myself over the head, is that the toolmaker’s problem? I think all Google needs to do is make the security settings very obvious and usable (and indeed secure). [Thanks Colin C. in the forum!]


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