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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gmail’s "Create Event"

Gmail’s action drop down now contains the entry “Create Event” which will open a Google Calendar window. You need to disable popup blockers for (or at least to get this to work. I’m not sure if this feature is new, it has been mentioned elsewhere in March this year.

[Thanks JasonIT for sending this! Filed under Google Office cross integration.]

Google Finance Q&A

Got questions regarding Google Finance? You can now get answers from Katie Jacobs Stanton, product manager for Google Finance. Just post your questions as comment in the interactive Q&A session over at the Seeking Alpha blog. (A very neat idea for a community interview!) [Thanks Mick and David!]

Google Partners With China Telecom

Bloomberg reports that Google is partnering with China Telecom to put ads on CT’s 400 websites, among them “sites that provide Chinese consumers with local business directories for restaurants, dry cleaners, and other services in specific Chinese cities.” Internet analyst Foo Xinghua says, “This is a big win for Google because Microsoft and Baidu both wanted this agreement with China Telecom.” [Via Search Engine Land.]


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