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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Website Does Your Stuff

Do My Stuff is a website where you can hire assistants to help with everyday tasks (their motto: “outsource your life”). I found the site a bit slow & a bit hard to use, so the first thing I did was hire someone there to do my review. Here’s the result, thanks to Do My Stuff assistant Gerda:

Another Work-at-Home scam? Not this one! is as entertaining as it is easy to use. Unlike the other legitimate Work-at-Home web sites, allows posting of the old-fashioned, “gal-Friday” type of jobs. From grocery shopping to laundry, babysitting to mowing the lawn, changing the oil to arranging a party, you’ll see it on Whether or not I intend to bid, some of the listings are just plain fun to read. One can only imagine the description of the job titled “Earcleaning.”

Free for everyone, just register, you may list or bid on any job. In the two short weeks since I found, the job offers have doubled. Already there are well over 2,700 “Assistants,” the name used for those who bid for jobs.

The site is well monitored, protecting your private information, and protecting against the use of any unsavory language or postings. collects up to 10% from Assistants who have completed work, and both the Employers and Assistants may provide feedback after completion and payment.

Much like Ebay, the Employer can choose the duration of the posting, from 15 minutes to 30 days, and Assistants can choose to be notified if a bid lower than theirs has been made. There are public and private message boards, and postings can be viewed geographically or by subject. has an Escrow system to protect Employers and Assistants, and recommends not completing any work until funds have been posted.

If you’re looking for work you can complete on your home computer, you won’t get rich with But for that odd job you’d pay to have done by someone else, you may find the ideal worker at

[Thanks Gerda B. and Darren B.!]


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