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Thursday, April 26, 2007

People Lose Personalized Homepage Settings

Several people report they’ve lost their personalized homepage customizations recently, meaning tabs and gadgets they added were gone (or reset to very old customizations). My settings are still intact, so I guess it doesn’t happen to everyone. My settings are now lost too. The Google Personalization Help Group is full of messages like “Personalised Home Page Disappeared,” “All links gone”,” “Lost my personalized page” and so on...

[Thanks Pau Tomàs!]

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Update: Google now said they’re aware of the problem and trying to hunt down the bug. They can’t guarantee that your old settings will be back but suggest that in the meantime, you ought to “avoid changing your theme.” [Thanks Photoactive!]

Update 2: Google seems to have fixed the issue, and at least some of you are seeing their old personalized homepages restored to normal (and perhaps this is being rolled out for the rest too). [Thanks Roel Fauconnier!]

WordPress Theme Generator

Yvo Schaap created a theme generator (with real-time preview) for blogging platform WordPress. “This generator lets you change the color scheme, layout, settings, and provides you with a zip file (with a custom php files and stylesheet) to download, extract and upload: a custom theme in minutes,” Yvo says. [Thanks Yvo!]


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