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Friday, May 4, 2007

Wikipedia Criticizing Itself

“In the sixth century BC the philosopher-poet Epimenides, himself a Cretan, reportedly wrote: The Cretans are always liars.”
The Liar Paradox

It’s interesting to see that Wikipedia has a whole extensive (and good) article devoted to the subject of... criticism of Wikipedia.

YouTube Shares Revenues With Selected Users

Google-owned YouTube is now sharing ad revenues with a selection of popular YouTube content-creators, as Danny Sullivan points out. YouTube names a couple of users but they don’t show the full list (perhaps it’s a small selection right now). I wonder why this is invite-only – you’re supposed to “express interest” in their “partnership lead form” (where’s that?) – and why they don’t just give every uploader a share of the ad revenue, scaling the pay-out with the views the uploader’s videos received (along with the typical minimum pay-out of say, $100)?

Google’s Culture Officer

CNet’s Elinor Mills interviewed Stacy Savides Sullivan, who has the exotic job title “Chief culture officer, Google.” Basically, she tries to ensure that new employees are fitting into the Google culture, and that existing employees are kept happy within that culture as well. Stacy hands out a sample question for job interviews (more to see how someone thinks, whether they’re pragmatic about getting a job done, and what steps they go through to solve something), I’ll pass it on to all of you: “How many bread boxes could you fit in an airplane?”

[Via Valleywag.]

Yahoo Microsoft Talks

Yahoo and Microsoft are Google Inc’s biggest competitors... now just imagine what happens if the two joined.

[Thanks Mathias Schindler!]


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