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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Google Developer Podcasts
By Tony Ruscoe

The Google Code Blog announced yesterday that they were launching the Google Developer Podcast. From their announcement, the podcast will cover:

TOMHTML notes that the podcast also seems to have its own official Google Developer Podcast blog, although no posts have been made yet.

You can download episode one in which they interview Bob Lee – developer of Google Guice, “an open source, lightweight, dependency injection framework with an emphasis on tight Java 5 integration and high performance” – or subscribe to the podcast.

Also announced yesterday was the Google Summer of Code podcast. Download the first episode or subscribe to the Google Summer of Code Blog to hear future episodes.

And if you don’t currently use any software for downloading podcasts, don’t forget that you can listen to these using Google Reader!

[Thanks Garett, TOMHTML and Haochi!]


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