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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Google’s Presentation Application?
By Tony Ruscoe

Update: Google Presentations is live now!

Dirson reports that some users, myself included, are seeing a “View as slideshow” link in Gmail when receiving PowerPoint files.

Clicking “View as slideshow” opens a new window where you can view the slideshow using Google’s Flash-based player. The URL is actually the same as the “View as HTML” link but with the disp parameter changed from disp=vah to disp=vgp. This trick, however, doesn’t seem to work for all Gmail accounts.

Once viewing the slideshow, right-clicking allows you to navigate using the following menu:

Most of those controls are self-explanatory, but the interesting one is “Embed this presentation...” which displays a box similar to the following:

The embed code is still a little buggy – it currently lists “” in the URL – and doesn’t even appear to be working yet. (Oddly, when trying to load the embedded URL, my browser tries to access Google’s internal domain, suggesting they’ve not finished testing this feature yet.)

Could this be the first signs of Google’s Presentation application we’ve all been waiting for?

[Thanks Pau Tom´┐Ż s in the forum and TOMHTML!]


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