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Friday, May 25, 2007

Technorati Redesign 2007

Technorati, a blog search engine in search for its own meaning – and possibly hoping to get acquired in one of those crazy multi-billion bucks deals – redesigns every couple of months. The latest redesign (which was down for me yesterday, so I’m posting with some delay; today, it’s only partly down) is found at the end of the gallery below, showcasing past Technorati designs throughout the years.

In the latest relaunch, there’s a scrolling live ticker on top (yuck), though the rest of the page was thankfully cleaned up a bit. Still, what we need from a good blog search engine remains: speed, scope & relevancy... and Technorati doesn’t always score high in those (example: Google Blog Search returns 169 results for sergey brin marriage at this time, and Technorati returns zilch, except for the sentence “There is nothing in the known universe about sergey brin marriage”). Either not finding what you’re looking for, or searching for a conversation and then having to wade through dozens of spam blogs, is just not helping anyone. But good luck to Technorati to find what they’re looking for, perhaps in 2008!



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