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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Google Street View Gallery

Here are some oddities found on Google Maps’ new Street View feature, via (most of these are from San Francisco, as it has the highest resolution panorama photos – shot with this Google car, apparently, not this one by Immersive Media):

Entering an adult book store...

A glowing sky

Caught taking a leak

A Conan O’Brien billboard


... and some more...

Car problems?

A glimpse into the mirror

Poice control

Street art

The Google team posing for the camera

“Taking photographs of students is prohibited,” the sign reads...

A cat behind the window (the NYT identified the owner, Mary Kalin-Casey!)...

They just wanna play, not bite, I’m sure!

Crime in progress?


All these photos may be legal in the US, though some of you might cry out, “Google, enough is enough”... and I have the perfect solution to at least shield your home (though Google didn’t announce official support for this yet) – print out the following and paste it on your front door:

Yo, Google I live in this  house [ ] hotel [ ]  street [ ]  and I ask you to NOINDEX, NOARCHIVE, NOFOLLOW


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