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Monday, June 4, 2007

The New Google Tel Aviv Office

Long-time blog contributor David Hetfield from Israel attended the June 4th launch of the Google Tel Aviv research & development center, and is back to bring us his photos and comments.


The entrance to the building

Yossi Mathias – Head of Google’s R&D in Tel Aviv (note image contrast hast been partially altered for clarity)

Why should Google open a center in Isreal? (Reasons include “Highest density of computer science talent worldwide"; “Fantastic universities"; “Build local market understanding"; “Growing internet advertising market and high penetration”).

Google Strategy: Search, Ads, Apps.

Cool huh?

This photo of a Google cake courtesy of Slav Ben Ari.

Check out the variety of food! All of their fridges were packed

Google balloons, free champaign, and a view to the outside

The office entrance

Bialik meeting room (each meeting room has its own special name; other ones include “Kishon” and “Ben-Yehuda”)

A Google conference room (some televisions have a 24/7 online connection with the second office in Israel)

One of Google’s signs reading “Turn off the lights if you’re leaving a room of if they’re not required ... Do your bit for Google’s Global Alternative Transport Day Thursday 22 March (and every day from then on!)”. Other posters read “Remember to turn off your computer and screen at night (and when you’re not using it!)”, or “Don’t waste paper (and toner); think before you print” or “Refill your water bottle” or “Recycle!” or “Have you considered walking to work? It’s good for you and good for the environment.”

A Google billboard (including “Everything you always wanted to know about Gayglers [gay Google employees] but were afraid to ask ... Got a burning question to ask a Gaygler? http://go/askgayglers”)

A nice Googler’s office

Can I take this home?

I was this close to break something... but i didn’t :)

They’re actually playing Tekken (on a PS3, nonetheless)

Check out his monitor! (If there’s a Google employee in the house who can explain what the sign stuck on top of most monitors is about, please comment)


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