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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Google Releases Calendar Directory

Google Calendar went live with a directory of public calendars, so you can quickly add calendars of interest (you could search for shared calendars before, but to be able to browse them too is a nice addition). The gallery includes categories like “top picks”, “TV shows”, “holidays” or “by Google”, with calendars like...

After adding a calendar, you can see it integrated as part of your main calendar, color-coded as usual. You can also then set up event reminders (like SMS alerts).

Google in a press release emphasizes that calendars in the directory can be viewed by anyone regardless of whether they’re using Google Calendar. Just pick the linked title for a specific calendar, and a frame with the upcoming events will pop up.

To have your own Calendar be added to the directory, Google in a help entry suggests to simply make it public. They might be manually looking for quality calendars, or perhaps automatize the directory by taking into account the subscriber numbers (“Google Calendar automatically categorizes public calendars into” the available categories, the help states).

What’s next, perhaps Calendar gadgets (in the spirit of the recent Google Mapplets announcements)?

[Thanks Manoj Nahar!]


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