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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cursing in YouTube Player Source Code

The guys who coded the YouTube video player left some interesting debug comments in their Flash file, as Chad Upton found out. Some of the comments (cursing ahead!):

Chad’s advice: set your Flash export to omit trace actions, and don’t really put anything in the code (including variable names) you wouldn’t want the public to see.

[Via Barry -> InsideGoogle.]

Correction: Only the first two lines were pulled from the YouTube player apparently, the others are from other non-YouTube Flash files. [Thanks Dylan Bennett and Ludwik Trammer!]

Get Blogger’s Experimental Features

Google’s Blogger has a new homepage for early adopters, as they say:*. From here you will be able to get new features still in test mode, like a current video upload option which you can trigger with an icon button above your editor (your video will be hosted at Google Video, not YouTube, by the way). There’s also a new blog for the draft Blogger (which I’ve added to the Google’s blogs page).

*To recap, when a Google product or feature is in early status, it’s called: Labs, Experimental, Draft, Test, or Beta.

[Via Blogger Buzz.]


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