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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Add Google Maps Reviews

Google offers a new feature for Google Maps: you can now write your own review for any business, and add a rating from 1 to 5 stars as well (previously, Google already was showing reviews from other sites). To find a review or add a new one, just enter a location into Google (or Google Maps) and click on the “more info” link, then select the “reviews” tabs. Note that the review will appear globally, so when you write an English review this same review will also appear on e.g. Google Maps Germany (if the German search locates the business you reviewed).

I really like this feature, especially because the review seems to go live instantly without any approval, meaning you can quickly leave positive or negative feedback when you went to a restaurant, shop, hotel, or any other place found on Google Maps. On the other hand, Google seems to have taken into consideration that people might write inappropriate reviews, and you can flag reviews as such when you read them.

[Thanks Megan Quinn!]


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