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Thursday, June 21, 2007

YouTube on iPhone

Apple’s iPhone will feature a special YouTube player when it’s released. (Google Maps is another Google application that’ll receive special treatment on the iPhone.) YouTube also recently went live with an extra mobile version of their site at (it worked for some of you, though it was broken on my phone).

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[Thanks and Matthew Pegler!]

Google Safe Browsing API

Google earlier this week released a so-called Safe Browsing API. As developer, you can use this API to check any URL against Google’s database of URLs of phishing/ malware pages. One application I can imagine this is useful for is forum software; you could now automatically add a warning to links leading to harmful sites. If you want to make use of this new service, apply for an API key – it’ll be handed out immediately – and take a look at the developer guide.

[Thanks Haochi!]

Share Your iGoogle

You can now share a specific iGoogle tab along with the widget it contains. To do so, click on the little arrow next to the tab name and select “share this tab” – you can then enter a bunch of email addresses (no auto-completion based on the Gmail address book, unfortunately) as well as a short message, and send it off. What the recipient will end up with is a special URL that triggers a confirmation dialog before the tab is added to their Google homepage.

[Thanks Ben Allen, Reto Meier, Moyzes, Colin Colehour and Inferno!]


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