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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Google Offers Rounded AdSense Corners

Google AdSense has a new option for you to customize your AdSense ads. You can now choose between “square corners” (as before), but also “slightly rounded” as well as “very rounded” when customizing your ad. This will trigger a change in the JavaScript snippet, which now has the line google_ui_features = “rc:x”, where “x” is 0, 6, or 10 (from non-rounded to very rounded – brave souls may try other RC values, though this is against the AdSense terms and might cause you problems).

Now, this isn’t only useful for ads with borders – as the below screenshot shows, it can also make sense on differently colored backgrounds (this square ad format uses a white border and a white background, and is positioned on a dark blue HTML page; the rounded corners are anti-aliased by Google):

Rounded corners are a small but nice option, not only to potentially increase click-thrus (by whatever small amount) for sites where it makes the ad look more integrated, but also because your overall site design might look nicer if you’re currently displaying AdSense in prominent position.

So... when will we get the option to change AdSense fonts, and font styles? Google in the official AdSense blog says that they’re “also working to give you even more choices to customize your ad formats.”


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