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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Past Quotes on Google

The Google News archive search is an excellent way to get a feeling of the kind of hot news that broke around a certain subject in the past. These older reports can be contrasted to the current status and help reflect on changes. Here are some quotes by Google employees and others on Google:

“As a rule, we don’t preannounce new features.”
- Eric Schmidt, Google, 2002

“This gem of a search engine officially opened for business September 21, but has been available in beta for over a year.”
- PC World, 1999

“If we wanted to sell ad banners, we could call DoubleClick and be profitable today ... But we can be more successful in the long run if we grow our user base. ...”
- Sergey Brin, Google, 2000

“The possibilities are limitless.”
- Nelson Minar, Google, referring to the now cancelled Google SOAP API, 2002

“Banners are not working”
- Sergey Brin, Google, 1999

“Fast AlltheWeb: Google killer?”
- ZDnet, 2002

“China tightened its restrictions on the Internet recently, blocking access to the search engines Google and [AltaVista]. [Fortunately], these Web sites did not cave in to China’s pressure. Google even said it would provide a different, moving portal site every day to break China’s blockade.”
- Taipei Times, 2002

“Blogger users can expect to see no immediate changes to the service”
- David Krane, Google, referring to, 2003

“The main motivations were to try to leverage Google’s expertise with large computer systems and to try to give something back to science”
- Susan Wojcicki, Google, referring to now cancelled Google Compute, 2002

“Yahoo selected Google because they share our strong consumer focus”
- Jeff Mallett, Yahoo, referring to Yahoo’s switch to Google search results, 2000

Can you find other interesting quotes from the Google past using the News Archive search?

[Hat tip to Ionut and Alek!]


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