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Thursday, June 28, 2007

No Longer Just "Ten Blue Links"
By Roger Browne pointed out recently that search results need to be more than just “your standard ten blue links.”

It’s interesting just how many kinds of results can now appear in one single Google results page. Consider a search for “David Hasselhoff”.

The page starts with a bizarre sponsored link from Google. “Watch Hasselhoff’s new video ... free on Google Video” it says, followed immediately by the Google Checkout logo. Eh?

On the right is an AdWords Sponsored Link. The heading is “Drunk Hasselhoff”. No ethical problems there, I guess?

Next is a music one-box, giving us the names of some of his albums and songs, plus a link to “more music results”.

Then we get the organic search results. The first three are spot-on: the Wikipedia article, the IMDB entry, and Hasselhoff’s official website.

Further down we see a photo of Hasselhoff drunk – it’s the search result for the YouTube video, and the heading says “David Hasselhoff drunk (full version)”. There’s no hiding anything from Google!

There are two more videos amongst the organic results, including one more with an image.

These are followed by eight related searches, all of which seem relevant. Next, there are three image results.

Finally, at the very bottom of the page is an ad for Google Checkout – just a logo linked to Checkout itself, and a “Learn more” hyperlink.

That’s a far cry from “your standard ten blue links”. Can anyone find a search with even more kinds of results?


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