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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New Design and Move to

There’s a little surprise here for you today – Google Blogoscoped is now available on and it has a new design as well, along with a couple of new or modified features! Please click through a bit here to give this a try, as your feedback is very much appreciated, and please update your bookmarks or links (while I’ll probably spend the remaining day working through technical quirks there may be).

Here are some of the design, domain & feature considerations behind the changes... but please remember your gut feeling on what you see before you read the explanations, as this new design is by no means completely final, and gut reactions are very valuable feedback!

[Thanks to those who provided early feedback or helpful tips, like Tony Ruscoe, Danny Sullivan, Matt Cutts, Ludwik Trammer, Colin Colehour, Ionut Alex. Chitu, and thanks to everyone who reads & writes along here!]


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