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Friday, July 13, 2007

Web 3.0 Sites This beautiful social site covers all things Walt Disney, offering a hyperlinked navigation bar with such cool items as press releases or executive bios. Links in the right-hand sidebar are optimized for a modern audience (by using all-caps). Neon colors and mixed serif/ sans-serif fonts fine-tune this splashing design. The site offers an interactive stock market service directed at selling a domain name. Gray is the new black at this extra minimalist homepage with large icon graphics. An ironic reference to “try again” under the zen-style headline “server not found” screams optimism. People love free stuff, and this site has it all: from iPods, to Playstation 3s to Plasma TVs, claim what your heart desires while enjoying the site’s inventive POPUP technology. A counter at the top right tells you how much time is left to snap up all the goodies (3 minutes, hurry up!). In beautiful shades of light blue & green, this site by Network Solutions mixes several cool features. To the left, you can instantly buy a domain name for the incredibly low price of $14.99 (neat, only 14 bucks!). The middle of the page offers so-called sponsored listings, courtesy of the grand Google AdSense for domainsquatters domains program, alerting you of such things as a “shocking discovery they don’t want you to know” (“secret satellite TV on PC”, that is). And the right-hand offers a chock full of related categories, from “Boing Boing Boing” to “WWW Boing Boing” to “WWW Boing Boing Net”. Looking for a luxury watch? NewYorkTime satisfies your time tracking needs with Rolex, Junghans & more. Not strictly a 3.0 site, but noteworthy for its use of social Google ads (you click, they make money: a true social interaction). WwwYouTube is the self-proclaimed “hottest entertainment resource on the Web,” and I tend to agree. Not only does the homepage guide you through plenty of work-from-home or casino playing resources, there’s also a secret window that opens when you click anywhere on the page, presenting you with a fun Flash game where you can “out drink Santa” to “win a free ringtone*”. Kudos: decades after Frogger, it was time someone focused on game play again. Delicious is an original web site that’s remarkably up-to-date (it always shows the current day to the top left). Monetized by a service called Google AdSense, Delicious mainly focuses on recipes... from Thai food to French Wines, and Indian Food to Kid’s cusine, has it all. You can submit your own site, but please note submissions “must have content about   Template”.
World Wide Web For those Web 3.0 lovers who don’t forget about good site architecture, the World Wide Web Consortium is a geek-oriented portal containing many resources and information on “Xsl PDF and Charity” (if you ever wondered what those two have in common look no further than this web gem!). Currently still in early development state, Blogline wants to be a “worldwide network of blog directories.” Good luck to this site and its makers, and all the other Web 3.0 sites out there today!


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