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Monday, July 16, 2007 Buys

Answers Corp snapped up – and the accompanying and, all as part of a Lexico Publishing Group acquisition – for 100 million bucks. was the site linked from Google’s search results query definitions a while ago (in the top right, if the word is found), and is what Google uses since January 2005. According to’s press release, Lexico at this time receives three times more page views than (even though they’re not linked from Google’s definition feature anymore). While announced cross-promotion between the sites, they also state that they’ll keep all properties live as stand-alone services.

[Via Barry Schwartz.]

Gmail Shirt Competition

In cooperation with, Google donates an iPhone (among other prizes) to a winning design for their Gmail shirt competition. Your job? To “submit a design that you think embodies the Gmail personality most.” You can submit up to 3 designs until the contest deadline, August 16 2007.

Add Color to Your iGoogle Page

Not satisfied with the themes options iGoogle offers by default? Niraj Sanghvi created a little gadget that adds colors to your iGoogle homepage. “It has a list of preset options in a dropdown, or you can choose to specify your own hex value, and it can be used for multiple tabs too,” Niraj says.

[Thanks Niraj!]


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