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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Google Mobile Content Search Engine?

The Wall Street Journal today writes:

Google Inc. is developing a new search service for cellphones that will help consumers find and buy ringtones, games and other mobile content as the Internet company pushes more deeply into wireless, people familiar with the matter say. (...)

With the new system, users would search for a piece of content – say, a U2 ringtone – and get back a list of providers as well as links enabling them to easily purchase the material. Eventually, Google would charge companies for high placement in the search results, much the way it offers “sponsored links” on computer Web searches, the people familiar with the plans say.

According to the report, Google for many months now worked with different content providers to index their material, the progress slowed down by “a series of technical delays.” If the WSJ report is true, will the final product also be a chance for Google to better tap into the (annoying) “Billion Dollar RingBack Tone Advertizing” opportunity, as one TechCrunch commenter ponders?

Also see a list of existing Google mobile sites.


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