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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Angry "YoungTubers"

Apparently some people are angry at Google/ YouTube for deleting YouTube accounts, which sometimes happens when the only person in the video is below 13 years of age. Ludwik Trammer in the forum writes:

Here is a video from Renetto, who is one of the most prominent YouTube celebrities. Almost from the beginning he was in the center of a discussion about a YouTube community and inspired discussion about its future. Before Google acquisition YouTube staff said many times that they watch his videos closely, and met with him couple of times to talk about community issues.

Now Renetto is one of the YouTubers posting angry videos, Ludwik reports, directed not against the people who run YouTube or started it, but at the “prick at YouTube” or the “one of the prick attorneys at Google” who Renetto makes responsible for this. It’s worth nothing that after Google acquired YouTube in October 2006, they stated that following the acquisition, “YouTube will operate independently to preserve its successful brand and passionate community.”

Some of the videos open with a display of the campaign motto:

We support
YoungTubers United
They deserve answers
We deserve them back


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