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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Google’s DoubleClick Acquisition Under Scrutiny

Reuters/ CNN writes:

Lawmakers in Congress plan to hold hearings to air concerns about Google Inc.’s proposed acquisition of Web advertising supplier DoubleClick Inc.

The Senate’s antitrust subcommittee is planning a hearing this autumn to delve into how the combination of the companies will affect competition in the market for Internet advertising, a source familiar with the plans said Wednesday.

In addition, CNN cites a Wall Street Journal report saying that a House Commerce subcommittee is also planning a hearing on the Google/ Doubleclick deal which would deal with privacy concerns. I wonder if Google’s focus on acquiring companies not for their technology or employees, but for their sheer user or client base in order to get better hold of a market (YouTube, Postini, DoubleClick) is going to bite them in the back in the long term?


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