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Friday, July 20, 2007

Modern Major Googler (Song)

“I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major Googler” [MP3] is a song performed by Lauren Weinstein, who calls it a “light-hearted, satirical take” which is “dedicated to all Googlers (Google employees) everywhere.”

From the lyrics available on Lauren’s page (based on a song by Gilbert and Sullivan):

The strange things people search for really can be far beyond belief,
You’d never guess so many wackos wander loose without a leash.
Our data store of your actions makes NSA’s look just like toys,
But there’s no need to worry because you can trust the Google Boys.

Our Book Search service (Beta) will put every book onto the Web,
OK, there are some lawsuits pending about this if all is said.
But those who say we’re violating copyrights are just all wet,
Though I’ll admit in secret that we’ve scanned some books not written yet.

[Via Seth Finkelstein.]


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